Parent workshop online version available and local offerings fall 2017

The next 2 part parent workshop Nurturing Courage and Competence- Helping Your Child Cope with Stress and Anxiety will be offered on a Wednesday morning late Sept to early Oct 2017 based on interest at our Plymouth Meeting, PA office.   This workshop teaches parents about the nature of anxiety in children and tools parents can use to help their child cope with anxiety.  The second segment focuses on how to parent your child through typical difficult times (e.g., school mornings, trying new things, stomachaches, homework, and bedtime). It consists of two 2 hour sessions to cover the workshop content. 

Cost is $100 for both sessions, $150 for 2 adults same family (e.g parents, grandparent, nanny).  
This parent workshop series will be offered Wednesdays during the morning a number of times through the year.  However, if there is enough interest (6 or more families interested and registered), I wll offer a Saturday morning 2.5 hour option.  Also there has been one request for an OCD focused workshop, I will also offer this on a Saturday with sufficient registration. Please email Lynne Siqueland at if you are intereted.
Given numerous requests, Dr. Lynne Siqueland has created an online version of the parenting workshop.  
Nurturing Courage and Competence:  Parenting Your Child with Anxiety online version
This is a 2 part series.  Each video is 45 minutes long and contains voice lecture and power point slides. This is a series you can download and watch on your own time.
         Part 1:  Understanding and addressing anxiety in kids and teens
  • —  What is normal and when concerns
  • —  What makes anxiety stick around
  • —  What kids, teens and parents can do to change it
Part 2Parenting tips and how to use strategies in times of difficulty for anxious children –
  •  mornings
  •  new situations
  •  bedtime or sleep issues
  •  homework
The cost for both videos is $25 and you can pay by PayPal or credit card on the PayPal site.  If you email me, Lynne Siqueland at, I will send a link for payment.  After payment is received, I will send a file with the videos for viewing.  If you are interested after viewing in being part of an online webinar with questions and answers, please indicate in the email