At School

Children spend over 1100 hours each year in school and while every child encounters the occasional challenge during the school day, for children with anxiety disorders or worries, managing the challenges of the day can be an exhausting endeavor in and of itself. While some children's anxiety may be easily spotted by other kids because they may get upset in school, other anxious children may work very hard to hide their anxiety and not let their feelings show. These children may be so stressed by the end of the day that they melt down when they get home. Many children with anxiety want to do the right thing, don't want to make a mistake or get in trouble so they may be seen as model students, but this comes at a great cost. So even though teachers may be surprised to hear that your child has anxiety because there are no hints at school, your child actually needs to learn to let off some steam at school, make mistakes, be less than perfect in order to not burn out by the time they reach 5th grade.

Two federal laws protect children's right to a free and appropriate ...
While each child is different, the following compilation includes commonly implemented interventions ...
Children feel safest when they sense that their needs are being met, ...